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⤹Everything you want to know is here!⤵︎Hey friends!Today I am here with a guest! Finally someone NEW! Thank you so much Aspen for coming on my Youtube. We de.. I don't think Germans like Americans based on interactions I've had on here. I don't like German politics relating to Russia either though, but I think German people can be really nice. I used to be a big Germany fanboy too back in the day. I think they have built an impressive society after enduring tragedy and confronting their own evil. They are very willing to help strangers, and are full of compassion. They also have really good products like their cars, guns and beer. They also have a. 1 Americans think U.S.-German relations are in good shape, but Germans disagree. Roughly two-thirds of Americans say relations are good, compared with just 42% of Germans, according to polling conducted by Pew Research Center in the U.S. and by the Körber-Stiftung in Germany While Americans boast the spirit of strong opinions, Germans are much less polarized, finding instead a grey zone somewhere between Israel and Palestine. The city squares will only occasionally host gay-marriage protests (either for or against), and the street corners rarely see a pro-life or-choice sign A German friend of mine used the metaphors of Germans being coconuts, and Americans peaches. The idea being that Germans are known as having a hard shell, but once you crack into it you get all of the soft gooeyness but with Americans, we might be easy to bite into, but it is hard to get to our core. As a generalization, that is pretty damn good. Anyways, that doesn't have anything to do with anything

Even though there is no speed limit, less people die on the german autobahn compared to american highways. 16. You have to master 3 different words if you want to address someone Of course, if an American hates any particular German, he's going to call him a Nazi, but Americans don't think of them as the humorless, stiff, nazionalsocialistischer automatons that your average Brit, French or Czech does. Beyond that, the only perception of Germany is beer, sausage, sauerkraut and Oktoberfest Germany is supposedly a country where everything happens on time, and where it is the height of rudeness to arrive late. Anyone who has kept up with the delays and scandals at Berlin Brandenburg.. Of course, to keep this a balanced discussion, there are plenty of great things about Germany too. 1. Dubbed Films. Films in anything other than the o riginal language are simply unbearable. There are also a few things that make living in Germany very unique - and definitely add to all of that high-quality environment. 1. Football is a religion . Football, or soccer as Americans call it, is not just a sport in Germany, it's a religion. There are few other countries in the world that are as crazy about football as Germany: Fans of different clubs literally hate each other, which can even affect relationships. In cities like Munich, you need to be VERY lucky to get a ticket.


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  2. Germans are no fans of meaningless small-talk - they are, however, straightforward and honest. Asking the person at the checkout counter or the street vendor who sells you a newspaper how are they are will probably just earn you irritated looks. People you do know will most like trail off in a lengthy response explaining their state of being. People in Germany assume that you really want to know how they feel if you ask, as anything else would be a waste of time
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  5. You might think that Germans drink beer all day everyday, right? Well, we do, sort of. The majority really loves beer. And yes, we drink a lot of it. But not in a binge-drinking way. We enjoy it.

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I perceive Germans and Germany to be very rules-based and efficiency-oriented, somewhere just below Japan and Switzerland in that regard. Germans, like other North and Western Europeans, have a tendency to be patronizing and pretentious towards us Americans from my experience. I admire German work ethic and its relatively balanced approach when it comes to capitalism vs. safety net It's entirely possible for an American to go years or decades without ever meeting a German (a German-born German of course; German-Americans are a dime a dozen). Low-information Americans may still, unfortunately, have the imagery of World War II high up in their mind when thinking about Germany. This could lead to awkward conversations One of the things that first impressed me in Germany, and continues to do so, is seeing very old fragile-looking people out for a stroll. I see it so often: a man or woman, 90 at least, walking half a mile per hour, with a cane, dressed impeccably stylish, with a smile on their face. Out for an afternoon stroll. Their spirit is amazing. It doesn't matter how old or weak you are, or how long it. You might think that Sunday is the perfect day of the week to check some things off your to-do list - mow the lawn, vacuum the carpets or put a new shelf on the wall. But put the hammer and drill.

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What do Americans think? Americans could be forgiven for thinking Britain has gone a bit potty (that is, mad) over Brexit — so CNBC asked members of the public in New York what they know and. Unlike most places in Europe and around the world, smoking in bars and restaurants in Germany is generally allowed, so do not look flabbergasted when the guy next to you lights up and pollutes what you think should be clean air. New non-smoking laws did pass a few years ago, although many people have simply disregarded them, and you'll notice that a smoker will find it intrusive if you ask. German-American is a bit weird, as to a German you'll appear like just a random American. The people that make Germans cringe, and the ones we snipe about online are those who think they are German. They tend to deduct from their German-ness that they have expertise on Germany today, or a right to tell us what we're doing wrong, or they tattoo patriotic symbols on their bodies - normally. Whether it's entering a train car or jumping the queue at a supermarket, some Germans just act as if nobody mattered but them. And as I said it is mostly older people, too. You'd think they'd be more chill. Instead they seem to believe that their age alone should command respect and except them from the rules of polite society 10. [American] officers are not well dressed.All officers in the German army even when in active field service have one or more trunks and from time to time are allowed to leave for the.

Usual caveat: the French are 67 million, and they range from 0 to 107 years old, plus different cultural backgrounds (let's say: Alsatians v. Jews?); the Germans are 80 million from Bavaria to former Prussia, Frankfurt to Berlin and Düsseldorf;. Americans import their styles, and so beer is nor a national symbol or a part of ist culinary patriotism. You'd never find a German brewery that makes a Belgian beer: The German beer culture is too.. Here we inform you of our 20 Things to Know Before Visiting Germany, including crucial German etiquette standards and how to travel throughout Germany with grace and dignity. Crucial German Etiquette How to Visit Germany with Grace. There are only a handful of countries that are so different yet so similar to North America, then Germany.

What do Americans really think about Britons? If a recent survey is to be believed, Yanks have the impression that British people are proper, friendly, uptight and obsessed with the Royal Family Germans do not only love to drink beer, but they also love to brew it. There are around 1300 German breweries and 5000 brew brands that produce around 115 hectoliters of beer per year. It is estimated that if you decide to taste every day another different type of beer in Germany, you would need 15 years to taste all of them. There is also a more than 500-hundred-year old law on beer that is. At times of tension and disagreement, most Germans gave America the benefit of the doubt. Over the course of the Cold War, millions of American soldiers were stationed in Germany, where many.. Honestly, the only thing that seems to apply to most Americans I've met here in Germany is their positive attitude and their can-do approach. 12. Believing others will give a hoot about your ancestry. My great great grandfather was from Ireland. 13. Apparently distinct details that only this man can discern. When we are in Europe, my Dad is able to tell who an American is just.

Americans believe cannabis has medical properties by a 6-to-1 margin, but they're split about the veracity of claims from medical marijuana patients. Forty-three percent don't believe that people who say they use cannabis as medicine have an actual medical need, while 57% think they do have a legit need Germans love fresh air, particularly in rooms where sleeping happens. The land of logic and reason still thinks that stagnant air carries disease and is generally not good for the Gesundheit. Most houses in Germany have radiant or underfloor heating, so there is very little fresh air introduced naturally

Thousands Germans spend their weekends trying to live like Native Americans by camping in teepees and addresing themselves with Indian-sounding names. This fascination with Native culture among Germans illuminats something about both cultures Here are some highlights from the report. The prevailing opinion in Germany before our entry into war, was, that American was a money hunting nation, too engrossed in the hunt of the dollar to produce a strong military force Dispatch 8 Things That Were Better in East Germany* Remembering the glory days of nudity, breast milk, and recycling 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall 8 Things Germany Is Famous For. Pradamini Kumari. 15 shares | 2880 views . Germany is a Western European country that lies amidst a terrain of vast forests, mountains and rivers. This country has. Although I find this weird, I do like how Germans have many traditions that they continue with. Celebrating seasonal vegetables. Spargel (asparagus) season, Kohlfahrts (cabbage tours), squash in everything on the menu. When a vegetable is in season, the Germans really go for it. For the past few months, it has been pumpkin in every meal you could think of but in the north of Germany, it's.

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I think when you try to speak with a literal translation from German to English, you lose a lot of meaning that makes a joke funny. And when you have to explain a joke, it just isn't funny. Americans Want to Fix What Is Broken In Health Care . Americans want more affordable health coverage options, not more of the same. We need reforms that give patients options that are sustainable.

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  1. Things I love about Germany.all the shops are shut on Sundays except for the Cafes, being able to do 140mph and passing police cars without fear on the autobahn, the history, the fact that I can drive for 3 to 6 hours in any direction and be in a different country and finally I feel that I can do pretty much anything here (unless there is a sign saying that I cant!) Things I find a bit odd.
  2. Overview. Before 1800, the main factors in German-American relations were very large movements of immigrants from Germany to American states (especially Pennsylvania, the Midwest, and central Texas) throughout the 18th and the 19th centuries.. There also was a significant movement of philosophical ideals that influenced American thinking
  3. German cities are old and there are a lot of one-way streets and not very many intersections where you're allowed to turn left. City planners have solved this problem by putting left turning lanes a little further past the intersection where drivers can make a U-turn. If you can make a left turn at an intersection, your turn comes after everyone has gone straight through, not before
  4. In practice, employees in some countries, like Germany and Sweden, work closer to 35 hours a week, according to Cary Cooper, an American-born professor at Manchester Business School in the United.
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Levi Strauss, a German-American businessman, and Jacob Davis first patented jeans in 1873. Manufactured by Strauss's company, dubbed Levi Strauss & Co., blue jeans were originally designed for cowboys and miners. 9. Kindergarten. Meaning children's garden in German, this early education institution was first introduced by German pedagogy Friedrich Fröbel in 1837. Fröbel's notion. Both Germans and Americans still think highly of NATO, and Germans have become more inclined to believe their country must increase spending on defense. Americans and Germans also want to cooperate more with France, the United Kingdom and China. Americans and Germans share similar opinions on economic issues. People in both countries say that trade with other countries is good, but there is. Reality: We Brits mostly think of America as fast-food-centric. It's true that chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's line most streets, but I've found American cuisine to be some of the most diverse and delicious around. From glammed-up gourmet burgers, to Mexican, Cuban, Lebanese, Thai, and many more, America offers wonderful foods from all over the globe. That's not.

Perhaps my question is stupid but I want to know what Germans think of Latinos. Are they still racistic? Are there racist who are going to insult me because I am looking like a Latino? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am not sure and I know not so much about Germans. 1. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. HEM 9,849 9,849 Schleswig-Holstein; Posted 14 Mar 2014 Are they. Here are 16 things that Europeans find strange about America. 1. How are you as a greeting, not a question. When a sales clerk in the States says how are you it's not a question, but a way of. What the Dutch think about Americans 1. The Dutch think Americans are ignorant. I'm convinced this image comes from several media-related sources. First of all, the news shows here in Europe, like news programs the world over, need to keep their audience entertained, and showing stupid American people is a great way to do that. It's much.

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SPIEGEL staff writer and historian Michael Sontheimer reveals his family's Nazi past and explains why even his 11-year-old son still has a burden to bear. As the 60th anniversary of Germany's. What do Japanese think of America? Japanese people often view Americans as friendly and open instead of shy and reserved. On the other hand, they also view America as a very violent place with a high crime rate. Japan is noted to have the lowest rate of homicide in the world even though the country has about 40% of the total population of America and is crammed into a land that is the size of.

I think many Americans and most people in the world do not know all there is to know about America and so cannot give an informed, knowledgeable opinion. It is such a large and diverse country. So how can you expect young people from a very insular country to offer an accurate assessment. Stereotypes are mostly what you will see expressed. The title should be What are your stereotypical. Germany has a growing American expat population. InterNations enables you to connect with fellow Americans in your new hometown — whether that's Berlin, Hamburg, Munich (among others). Attend our exclusive events up and down the country and read our informative guides to learn more about Germany. Settle in quicker with InterNations What Americans find attractive can be downright strange. But when you're surrounded by people who, for the most part, are into the same things as you, you probably don't feel all that different from your peers, so if you're living in the United States, you probably don't think American customs are unusual — if you even think about them at all I think there's a freshness about sex in America that makes it more fun to be with an American woman. -- Stephen, 30, Germany The best thing about dating my American girlfriend is her true New.

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  1. And there are Germans who get really annoyed when Britons (and Americans), in an effort to appear friendly, say things they don't really mean. Some Germans call this lying. So, what do the.
  2. What do Germans think about Brexit? They pity us. Philip Oltermann. This article is more than 4 years old . Germans used to see the UK as a pragmatic, cautious nation. The leave vote has blown.
  3. Yet every German seems to know exactly what is meant with the expression The World, and the overall concept that Israel and American Jews keep the hatred of Germans alive, flourishes. It doesn't.
  4. ent global leader. This is the key finding of a pan-European survey of more than 15,000 people in 11 countries commissioned by.
  5. Americans would immediately return fire, bring a punishing rain of artillery or air power on top of whatever they were fighting, and move to counterattack as soon as the rain of death ended. While he did not believe that an American infantryman or tanker was particularly skilled compared to British or German counterparts, they more than compensated for it with sheer, unadulterated.
  6. Germans are sticklers for rules and eager to point out when you break one — even if you are clueless. Don't even think about kicking up your feet on the next seat while riding the train from Stuttgart to Munich. Mowing during quiet hours will earn finger pointing and chastisement in a tone of disappointment you've only heard from grandma
  7. 1 Americans and Germans are worlds apart on the overall state of their relationship. In the U.S., seven-in-ten say the relationship is good, while 73% in Germany say the relationship is bad. Among Germans, this constitutes a sharp elevation in negative assessments since 2017, when 56% said the relationship was bad. Despite their generally negative perceptions, only one-in-ten Germans say the.

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American officials told POLITICO they have no information about any mask shipment bound for Germany from Bangkok that was then redirected to the U.S. They point out that with virtually every. Germans don't really do small talk so be prepared to brush up on your political or philosophical knowledge. Germans tend to be 'ideas' people, and are very efficient communicators, even in casual conversation. They are precise and pay close attention to detail, preferring to talk about current affairs or societal issues. Germans can sometimes appear standoffish at first but once a.

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  1. orities of other nationalities that respect each other, and together make Germany a country of values, unique.
  2. The American people are witnessing an election campaign like no other. But what do spectators on the other side of the Atlantic think? Given the choice of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Europeans were asked which candidate they had more confidence in to lead world affairs. There was a clear winner, as the chart below shows. But for.
  3. I said, weakly, Guys. I think Ben is right. Maybe Americans are just stupid. Obviously not all of them, not every single one. Maybe if they say it, they will pay a price, like in Germany before. You couldn't really challenge the Nazis much. They would beat you up, you would lose your job, maybe your home. Maybe it's like that in America. Claudine laughed. It can't be like.
  4. Note that there are lots of things I do really like about America of course, but there have been too many things that have gotten on my nerves that I need to vent about. I'm not interested in whining about foreign policy, economics or politics. This is entirely about my frustrations with day-to-day life in America. The United States is a huge country, and it's impossible to generalise all 300.

What German Prisons Do Differently We toured German prisons and what we saw was incredible. Jack Duran. Former Creative Associate. I'll never forget it. My colleagues from Vera and I were wrapping up our visit to Jugendanstalt Hameln, a correctional facility for young men up to 25 years old in the German state of Lower Saxony. I was standing at a table eating a sandwich and making. British girls, meanwhile, do not spend the same amount of money on themselves as American girls, nor do they expect you to spend a lot on them. American women worry more about their appearance. English: German prisoners of war held in an American camp watch a film about German concentration camps. This forced process was part of the Allied policy of postwar denazification, meant to purge Germany of the remnants of Nazi rule and rebuild its civil society, infrastructure, and economy. The program included compulsory visits to nearby.

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The American Road Trip. Youth. This summer, four photographers and four writers drove around the United States. Each pair was guided by a unique theme — patriotism, tradition, community, youth. While doing research for an article recently, I came across so many things that I had no idea were German or that I never knew had their roots in German traditions. It isn't hard to imagine that America and Germany shares a lot of similar customs and inventions. After all, roughly 17% of Americans are of German descent. The side effect of my research diversion is this list But a big disadvantage of being a young person here in Germany is there is a difficult future. At the moment many people haven't got any job. Nobody really knows what he wants to do in the future, but I think we don't have only parties. Sometimes we think about our future. From my parents I know that they didn't have so much fun in their free time when they were young. Maike Miltzlaff I. Germany is the United States' largest European trading partner and the sixth-largest market for U.S. exports. 1 Germany's economy grew strongly in 2017, driven by investment, consumption, and international trade. In October 2017, the German government raised its official GDP forecast for 2017 to 2 percent (from a 1.5 percent forecast in April), approximately matching the 1.97 percent forecast. What Other Countries Think of Americans. Published on January 30, 2018 August 12, 2019 by APR Content Team. After traveling extensively for over a decade and hosting many families from all over the world, we've heard our share of gripes and praise regarding Americans. Whether they are stereotypes or things that truly envelop the culture of the United States, we've heard it all. Sometimes.

Well , America is more diverse than you may think,it is by size huge,and maybe why you think America is arrogant you are tiny , no insult. Intended. I am American and descent Italian and Eastern European, very aware no Celtic. Heritage here,I am a socialist do not believe that private citizens need a ton of guns, do not support all these wars and get mad at my country for all its. I think not - and that is why I have, subconsciously, looked forward to dates like May 7, 2010 for nearly 30 years. As a young American exchange student new to West Germany in 1982, I was struck — and disheartened — to see so much lingering hostility towards even young Germans around Europe - 37 years after the war ended. A German train. 10 Things Germany is doing for the environment. Green Germany: Germany's energy transition is underway. Ten policies are bringing the country closer to a renewable energy revolution. 22.05.2018. dpa/CHROMORANGE/Christian Ohde. 1. Out with the old, in with the new. In Germany, nuclear power is seen as incompatible with a long-term renewable energy strategy, and a nuclear power phase-out is a. Hirschfeld thinks that Fischer has been misunderstood, that he instead argued that every country should take responsibility for the war, though Germany and Austria more than most. However, Fischer. Germans prize independence in children, which can feel a little strange to someone brought up in an American-Italian home (I think my parents would still like to hold my hand while crossing the street and I'm 36). The non-helicopter parenting totally extends into teenagerhood. I remember all my German friends having co-ed sleepovers. When you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, from basically.

Seeing that word, one may think that it is something related to some kind of machinery, given that we are reading about Germany. But Freikoerperkultur means free body culture, aka, nudism. Don't freak but going completely nude in public is part of German culture. Spending summer in the parks of Berlin and Munich brings the chance of encountering a middle-aged, bronzed German wearing only a. We may think of modern German governance as reassuringly dull, but that overlooks a tendency towards impulsive, but highly consequential, gesture politics. Angela Merkel's response to the refugee crisis of 2014-15 was a case in point. To offer desperate people a new home is in many ways an admirable thing to do, but there are good and bad ways of going about it. Resettling more than a.

Native Americans in German popular culture have been an important cultural motif since the late 18th century.. Since then, a cultural fascination with Native Americans has had specific influences on German popular culture, environmentalism, literature, art, historical reenactment, theatrical and film depictions of Indigenous Americans.. I think next time, I will just ask for tap water and if they scoff, I won't have anything. It may be factual that Germans think the water is not good to drink and they think they are polite by not bringing it to you, but to me as an American, them not allowing me to order it feels like it is about the €€€. Viva la tap wasser!!! Americans in particular are used to smiling, especially when they're feeling nervous or trying to fit in. When you move to Germany, you'll be surrounded by an unfamiliar landscape, language, and people. The urge to grin maniacally at strangers to smooth over your frequent social faux pas may become overwhelming. Don't be alarmed if you get the German stare back, however. In Germany. Amy is half-German and half-American, but has lived in Vienna with her Austrian husband for 15 years. In my experience, though most people don't know my mum is German, Austrians tend to think.

The Top 6 Things You Should Know About German Hospitals, Doctors and Healthcare. Whether you are foreigner living in Germany with a visa or residence permit or a medical tourist who will be visiting Germany specifically for care and treatment, the German healthcare system may not be what you are used to What did Americans think of World War I before the US entered the conflict 100 years ago? To answer that question, Jennifer D. Keene argues, you need to know which Americans you're talking about. American public opinion was no more universal in 1917 than it is today. For well-off white professionals who were part of the Progressive movement, Keene writes, taking an interest in the war. American-style burgers are currently all the rage throughout the country, as is vegan & vegetarian food. And even when you're craving German food in Germany, know that your options extend beyond sausages, beer and potatoes. Käsespätzle is a sort of mac & cheese perfect for the winter (or as a vegetarian option in most German restaurants) and the huge variety of meats make it easy to try. Americans don't care and will probably think you're really self-important if you start elaborating. Relentless optimism and friendliness are the norm. It's just exhausting to everyone else American schools and German schools have many notable differences. Anke Jahn, one of our volunteers, recently sat down with Isabel Schueppel, a 16 year old student who has attended both American and German schools to discuss differences between the two systems. The Subjects Taught In the United States, students customize much of their education, especially at higher grade levels. They must.

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True Germans were not defeated in the War, so runs the Nazi tale for grown-up children. They were betrayed by Jewish pacifists. Marx was a Jew! In the welter of German revolution the Jews fomented. Gervais has also talked at length about the differences between American and British humor, as many of us do. According to Gervais, in the 2011 interview, There's a received wisdom in the U.K. that Americans don't get irony. This is of course not true. But what is true is that they don't use it all the time. It shows up in the smarter comedies but Americans don't use it as much. What the Germans really think of you Brits IT'S been a long-standing joke among British holidaymakers that the Germans are always first to put their towels on the sun loungers

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Some things Americans find commonplace don't necessarily exist outside of the US. For example, you won't see yellow school buses anywhere else. Garbage disposals are a rarity outside of the US. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. There are some American customs that outsiders choose to eschew as a matter of personal taste — the supposedly questionable foods, for example, or the ratio. Germany's drug laws have evolved over the past 30 years, with punishments becoming more severe, and, paradoxically, the definition of drug offender becoming more pliable So it's a good time to find out what the French, from writers and politicians to the general public really think of their German neighbours. Franco-German rivalry, goes back a long way

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American people are some of the loveliest you'll ever meet and make us expats feel all warm, cuddly and very welcome. But just occasionally they do or say something that we Brits find a tad eccentric. 1. Saying I love your accent! Before I moved here, I never imagined that my dreary London burr made me sound smart or lovable. At. What Do Vietnamese-Americans Think of 'The Vietnam War'? By Thanh Tan. Oct. 3, 2017; I am emotionally exhausted. By the end of this month, I will have seen 36 hours of documentary film about a. But within hours, the Americans rallied and recaptured it; then U.S. troops went on the attack and drove the Germans out of Cantigny on May 28 and, a few days later, repelled the Germans at. An American flag flies off a German bar in Baumholder, Germany, where 4,500 Germans are surrounded by 13,500 Americans on a U.S. Army base slated for cutbacks As Germans, we're not fond of getting rid of old things. We preserve and optimize things. One thing we're definitely not very good at is the idea of just scrapping everything and starting over.

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Germans aren't known for their humour. When it comes to German grammar, you can't help but laugh at its complex rules and figuring out which article to use for each case. It's so confusing that there's no other way to express your frustration but laugh. These German phrases will have you laughing for less stressful reasons A decision to move US troops out of Germany would mark a major change in the defense relationship between the two countries and reshape the basis of American military presence in Europe since.

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